Helping you grow your business is one of our biggest motivations. When you grow, so do we. At MyOMS you will find a team dedicated to help you reach your goals and support them, too!

My Online Marketing Solutions (or MyOMS for short) began a few years ago, as Ramiro Martinez (the CEO and creator of MyOMS) was in the same spot in which many other restoration business owners were: not getting enough jobs. Tired of paying an overpriced amount of money for low-quality generated leads, Ramiro took interest in the online marketing business. With time and effort, he learned how to successfully generate leads for his own company and gained the ability to not only understand how it’s done, but doing it in a successful matter. . With this ability came the determination to help other business owners with their lead generations who were in the same position as him.

The guarantee from Ramiro and MyOMS is that a business should always pay for what it is getting. Upon receiving its very first clients, MyOMs has been able to grow and create success stories.