Water Damage Restoration Leads

Affordable Water Damage Restoration Leads

My Online Marketing Solutions offers your business the best water damage restoration leads generation services. We are a  company located in Chicago, Illinois, capacitated  with all the knowledge in the water damage industry and our team is equipped with professionals that have been in the restoration industry for more than 20 years!

At My Online Marketing Solutions, we offer affordability and accessibility.  The water damage leads that we generate for your business are not only affordable and low in price (compared to other lead generation companies) but also at an easy access to you. This allows you to be involved and aware of all the leads that get through. MyOMS is also praised for its exclusivity of the generated leads. Many lead generation companies will offer to charge a percentage of the job they get for you. They might also sell your designated calls to other companies in the industry and/or charge you hundreds of dollars for just one lead. At MyOMS, we understand that affordability is important as it is to get your business flourishing- therefore, we guarantee an affordable set price PER lead we get to you. Our promise also includes the following:

  • Best water damage restoration leads in the industry!
  • No setup fees!
  • No hidden fees, just a set and affordable price per lead!
  • No long-term contracts!
  • You can stop/pause and continue services at any time!


Quality Water Damage Restoration Leads Call 888-404-5707!


How do we decide whether  an incoming call is a qualified water damage lead?


In order for us to consider an incoming call a successful lead, there are 3 guidelines that it must meet. If it meets less than the three required guidelines, you pay nothing!


Our three guidelines are the following:

  1. The person making the call must be the homeowner and/or the property manager. No tenants. No family members.
  2. The homeowner/property manager must be calling  requesting/looking for the water damage restoration services your business supplies. If a person calls, requesting other services that your business does not offer, we do not count it as a lead.
  3. Lastly, it must take place in the specified service area. We are committed to helping you designate a service area(s) that will work well and generate the most leads for your business. Any calls outside of those designated service areas will not be accounted as successful leads.


Calls coming in as wrong  numbers you do not pay for, either!


How do we do it?

Imagine all the water damage that is created when a property is flooded. A broken pipe and a heavy storm can have the same effect on a property and it is important that the damage gets taken care of fast. A person going through this scenario will no longer run to Yellow pages to find the best listing. It is more than likely and easy to assume that if this person owns a property, they probably own a mobile device too. This person will immediately use their search engine (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, among others.) to get a listing of the water damage companies in their area. Who are they more than likely to choose? That’s right- the one on the first page, at the very top of the results gathered by the search engine. We know that spot can be yours!

Our lead system is basically any other lead generation company’s “secret sauce” only better and way more efficient. Our system begins with  a Search Engine Optimized website that is designed to generate leads for your business. We target customers who are looking for urgent responses and urgent services for water removal.

Your business is also, then, promoted online to search engines like Google and Bing, for example. We can ensure that our time is spent on frequently promoting your business so that customers find it quickly and call right away for quotes.

All leads that are generated are then forwarded exclusively to you through a unique phone number. We give you easy access to the recordings of those calls so that you can not only listen, but also monitor what type of calls are coming in!  

There is no better deal than this. Call us today, find out more about us and let us get to know you and your business better. We know you will benefit greatly from our services. We have that top-of-the-page spot you have been looking for!


It doesn’t matter where you are- we offer our services nationwide!